What will increased self confidence do for you?

12. april 2009

Do you feel that you fail in everything you do? Does no one trust you, or is that the way you feel?

I’ve failed countless diets, failed to ask countless girls to dance and failed to call countless people because I was afraid of failing.
There is a sure way to build your self confidence and make other people trust you and look up to you.
Its called making and keeping promises.
Like every other habit, this is one that takes practice and a slow start in order to succeed. I therefor recommend that you do the following.
For one week make and keep a daily promise to yourself.
Start out with something easy, like going to bed at a certain time or reading for 20 minutes or eating 3 pieces of fruit, or not eating a particular food.
Promise yourself something that does’nt involve other people and does’nt involve things that need to happen before you can keep your promise to yourself. But tell at least one other person about your promise. If you are a Twitter person, Tweet your promis or if you are a blogger, blog about it.
Even though the first promise is easy to keep, it will instantly start building your self confidence. Move from making easy promises to yourself, to making them more difficult, but still only one promise a day. More fifficult promises include saying “No” to other people, calling people you feel uncomfortable calling. working out or getting up half an hour earlier in the morning.
At some point, after two or three weeks, you will find yourself challenging yourself to harder promises. People around you will start noticing that you are changing the way you carry yourself, and how your confidence is improving. They might even ask what your secret is. This is when you make your first promis to someone else.
For one week make and keep a daily promis to someone else.
Write each promise down. Preferably tell some one else about your promise and make it your top priority to keep it. 
You will notice that people will start to confide in you about other people who do not keep their promises. They will most likely express gratitude that you are a person who keeps his promises and since you do, they will ask you to help them and promis them to do stuff for them. This is the time to practice saying no, which by the way also shows character.
Just as promises kept builds reputation, so does promises forgotten degrade your reputation and not least your selfconfidence. 
The good news is that the building part is a real fast process and it works right away.
Make a promise to yourself right now, that you will begin building extraordinary selfconfidence and trust from others.
What are your thoughts about this topic? ________________________________________________________

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