Hilsen fra Emil´s skoleinspektør

23. februar 2009

Vi har jo været meget positivt overrasket over det Amerikanske skole system. Her er hilsen fra Emil´s skoleinspektør i ugens mail fra hans skole.

Principal Patricia Ladd

“My Appreciation of YOU!Raising “our” children together is a blessing and an amazing journey. My favorite time of each day is at the “Gates of Wisdom” every morning. I witness you dropping off your most cherished “possession” as you hurry toward your next obligation, and I take my responsibilities as a parent in your absence extremely seriously. Your children become mine, and I care for them and love them in your absence. Thank you for trusting me.

Many question my sanity of my love for these teenage years. It’s a gift that even I don’t understand. However, I have the best “job” in the world. Teenagers are complex, demanding, charming, irritating, loving, and completely irrational–all at the same time. As a team, we will keep every child at the center of our focus for good. Never, ever give up on any child. Encourage and support even when darkness seems to prevail. Your efforts will be rewarded, in time. I honor you and am here to offer support.”


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