A book might be clutter to you…

31. januar 2009

…but to the next guy they are just what he needed.

In my Simple Living quest I was cleaning out clutter, and dumping books in the trash. I did’nt feel good about it, but who would want my old books.
A lot were also sold at garage sales that I had in preparation of my moving to the United States.
Thats when I discovered BookMooch, and its really simple.
You get extra points for shipping to another country, and other users award you with extra points for sending books in nice condition and for shipping promptly.
For a year now I have been using this completely free Internet service for recycling my books.
I send on average 2 books a month and recieve the same. When people have books in boxes I ask for them to “recycle” and add them to my inventory of books to give, adding to my points account.
Its fun going “shopping” in other users inventory and having great used books sent to you.
There are presently only 3 books in my inventory, but I have plenty of spare point to “shop” for. It seems though for the time being, that the books I would like to mooch are books that other moochers are holding on to.
Go ahead and sign up at http://www.bookmooch.com.

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