Think about it – From doing to beliving

24. januar 2009

Sometimes contemplating a mission statement can be hard. 
Its easy to be struck by writers paralysis, when the white screen is staring at you.
For my self I’ve come up with a structur that starts from the bottom up. It is a structure of five layers. Five layers of reflection and thought.
By starting from the bottom, your everyday work in the trenches of life, you see a very real hands on picture of what is on your plate and it enables you to ask yourself some good questions ending up being almost philosofical.
  1. What are the Next Actions I have to do?
    The actions can be phone calls to make, e-mails to write, people to talk to, documents to read, places to go with your family, friends to meet brainstorming to do. Piles of clutter to go through. A lot of actions that that you might have in your head, on notepaper, in your calendar or in your computer.
  2. What Small Projects are you trying to accomplish by these next actions?
    Small projects or comitments have at least 2 actions attached to them but can spawn a lot of Next Actions, more than you might think. They could be getting your child ready for going away to school, getting the car fixed or re-decorating a room. A commitment could be going to a game with your kid or finding a restaurant for a date (and going).
  3. Big Projects are often made up from small projects.
    Moving to a new home involves selling your current home, buying a new home, packing, decorationg and moving. Starting a new business involves Marketing, Selling and Delivering. Signing up for a marathon will demand a big commitment.
  4. Big Projects come from Focus Areas in your life.
    You’re a parent loving your children, a brother, a runner, a manager with responsibilities, a citizen willing to contribute your time and effort to the common good, a student striving to get a degree, maybe your second one. 
    For the Focus Areas in your life, you want to visualize yourself achieving the ultimate success. Select stretch targets 3-5 years in the future, and think about what major projects or commitments would be needed to achieve those goals.
  5. Your spirit, Life Mission, values or purpose, is where those Focuse Areas come from.
    What do you find important and who do you admire and what charecter traits do you admire.

Dont start out trying to figure out your Life Mission. Focus on finding out what smaller projects your actions derive from, and write them down. Make this a habit and move on to the next level.


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